Strategy game made for the Mini Jam 50: Islands & the Major Jam: Isolation.

Develop your village to produce cure and survive the Plague.

Made with the awesome




Some notes:

- Unfortunately, some islands won't be "connectable", sorry about this, I'll fix the random generation in a postjam version.

- Also, I fixed many bugs, but I doubt I had enough time to hunt them all.
Let's talk together to improve the game. ; )

- Press M key to mute the music.


Download 78 MB
Download 81 MB

Development log


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A fun relaxing game. Music is chill and the game-play is interesting and kept me interested when playing.


What could I improve according to you?

What you you expect in such game?

I suppose in some ways the beginning of the game could be a little more intuitive, perhaps by adding some kind of tutorial character.


We are trying to contact anyone who had any contact with pixel beats he removed his youtube channel and all other accounts from the internet.

If you have any information about him please contact me at or this thread on reddit where we were able to recover most of his songs,

we are hoping someone can help us understand what happened we want to know if he is well.

Hi there,

Sorry to read about that situation and not be able to help.
I contacted him (on Twitter I guess) when I released Yersisland, but I never get a reply.

Let's hope he is fine and only bored by online life. ; )

Good luck with your searches. : )


No problem ,thanks for your attention and have a nice day :)

I will keep that reddit post updated of any news we manage to find about him, also we we were able to recover most of his songs now you can check there if you liked his songs :)

Happy New Year !!!

Found a bug: you can't cure plague tiles that are below the top ui and at the edge of the map. Also, i feel like the plague shouldn't expand outside the map, but since i can move the camera there i don't know if it's intentional

Hi there!

Thx for your feedback.

I have an issue with the camera indeed.

I thought I had fixed that issue of plague tiles below the top ui.

I guess it still happens when the plague grows (not when it spawns).

I'll try to fix this in the post post jam version. ; )

Anything you would like I add in that game?

Maybe a way to click and drag so you can cure multiple plagues with one click

Good idea.

I planed to add an "auto cure" button for each island.

Maybe your idea is better (and maybe easier to do while keeping the "direct action" feeling).

Maybe both could be useful.

May I ask you how many turn did you last?