A downloadable game for Windows

We are Survivors!

Dustbowl could be described as a survival point'n'click, a kind of 2D STALKER with a retro look (C64 palette!).
You'll have to explore, survive and find the truth.
Expect puzzles, trash loot and permadeath!
We also give great importance to the story, we want it rich and mature.

Some features:
- night and day cycle
- health, thirst, hunger, sleep system
- inventory weight system
- combat
- quests
- a lot of randomization

More infos, videos and screenshots on indiedb.

Enough words! You can try our demo :)

If you like it, please support us on steam greenlight.

Thanks and have fun!

(Mind, the game is meant to be hard hehe)


Dustbowl_demo.zip 28 MB